tell your story the way it should be told

Helping couples capture their love for adventure and each other. Preserving the magic of the little years for young families. Empowering women with self-confidence and healthy body image through the art of boudoir.

Treasuring small moments for a lifetime, because those are the ones that matter most.

Meet  Jenifer

Owner & Photographer
A family portrait and boudoir photographer based in Greenville, TN. Specializing in family, children and boudoir portraiture. Life is about many small moments built up over time, it’s my passion to help you remember them. My desire as your photographer is to capture real moments and authentic emotion to tell your story the way it should be remembered.
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Telling your story together

My goal is to bring my clients’ vision to life! Tell me a little about yourself by filling out this form so we can get started!
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